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Secure Data at the Edge

GoSilent is the first truly portable enterprise-grade firewall and VPN, ideal for sensitive communications, secure remote network access, and IoT deployments. GoSilent can be setup within minutes by even the most non-technical users.

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GoSilent Benefits

Portable  – GoSilent fits easily into your pocket, purse or briefcase for mobile security from anywhere.

Power – Requires only 500 milliamps at 5 volts. Works with USB port or standard battery pack.

Captive Portal Isolation – Captive portals intercept and alter the connection between the user and the site they are trying to visit. GoSilent isolates your PC from Captive Portal exploits.

Easy – Plug-and-play functionality for any IP-enabled device (i.e. laptops, tablets, smartphones, loT, legacy devices).

PC Protection – GoSilent filters all data traffic. Your PC is protected from cyber-attacks, identity theft & malware.

IP Obfuscation – Security through obscurity, GoSilent randomizes your IP address of all in and outbound data traffic.

Virtual Server – NIAP certification* 2 protection profiles; stateful layer 7 application firewall and VPN Gateway.

Commercial National Security Algorithm (CNSA) Suite – Top Secret level cryptography out of the box.

Deployment – Deploy from the cloud or on-premise. Optional self-provisioning automatically applies enterprise policies to any new device.


IPSec/VPN Throughput 90 Mbps Max Concurrent Devices (LAN) 5
RAM 1GB CPU ARM Quadcore 1.5 GHz
Storage Capacity 8GB Interfaces 2 x 1Gb Ethernet on RJ45
2 x WiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz)
Power 5V @2A DC via MicroUSB Cooling Passive

Quick and easy deployment
from the cloud or on-premises

Silent Edge Cloud

Using the Silent Edge cloud service, a user can access Internet resources without attribution from an untrusted region in the world. GoSilent secures a connection to a Silent Edge cloud server (which resides in a trusted region) and creates a secure “IPSec tunnel”. The user’s online activities transmit through this secure connection to a region that is considered more trustworthy, before allowing those requests to hit the open Internet. This removes the possibility of the connection being hijacked in the untrusted region and provides dual IP obfuscation through the use of different ingress and egress IP addresses. Silent Edge currently provides cloud servers in Virginia, US., Oregon, US., London, UK. and Frankfurt, DE.

GoSilent secures the connection to enterprise networks in an IPSec tunnel within the enterprise firewall.

Virtual / On Premise / Hybrid Cloud

Using the GoSilent Virtual Server, enterprises can deliver fast, secure and optimized access to data center applications and cloud services. As illustrated below, GoSilent secures a connection to the enterprise server and creates a secure “IPSec tunnel” inside the enterprise firewall. Users can securely access corporate resources without being exposed to attack over an open WiFi connection or open Internet. The GoSilent Server also secures IoT device communications in the field. Once GoSilent secures a connection to the enterprise server and creates a secure “IPSec tunnel” inside the enterprise firewall, IP-enabled devices can then securely retrieve or send and store data behind the corporate firewall.

NIAP Certification &
Common Criteria (CC)

Pending for 2 Protection Profiles:
Stateful Firewall and VPN Gateway.


Simplified management interface for IT administrators

Total Cost of Ownership

Consolidating features and functionality of several technologies into one solution lowering TCO

Return on Investment

Cybersecurity is about risk management and loss prevention, not just earnings, so any investment in security needs to demonstrate to the business that it is focused on defending what is of most value to the organization, its crown jewels – DATA.

Sample GoSilent Enterprise Deployment
Laptops 100
Incidents 12
Potential Loss per Incident
(Number of Incidents per Year) X (Potential Cost of per Incident)
GoSilent and Silent Edge Licenses 80k First Year, 36k Second Year
(ALE / Cost of Countermeasures) X 100%

* Financial loss suffered by SMEs averaged $38,000 – Kaspersky Lab.