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Case Study: DoD Agency Mobilizes Communications

For Classified Networks

Government agencies and suppliers whose daily operations are dependent on sending and receiving real-time classified information are often hampered by the use of costly, cumbersome stationary encryptor devices.

Military aircraft in a hangar. ield technicians who maintain fighter aircraft benefit from a CSfC-certified solution for mobile applications.

A commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) security solution for mobile communications would translate to significant cost savings as well as improved agility and productivity.

The DoD Agency Mobilizes Communications For Classified Networks case study illustrates one government agency’s quest for a portable, CSfC-certified mobile communications solution.

In this case study you’ll learn about:

  • Securing data quickly and inexpensively with CSfC-certified solutions.
  • Important features to consider in a security solution, such as Top Secret (TS) level security, NIAP certification, rapid deployment, zero configuration, data traffic filtering, captive portal isolation and IP obfuscation.
  • Government rules and regulations for the transmission of classified information.


Learn More About A Truly Portable CSfC-Certified Solution For Mobile Communications

Attila supports our nation’s mission of protecting country first. Attila’s NIAP-listed security solution protects highly sensitive, classified data on any network or IP-enabled device.

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