Silent Edge Cloud

Silent Edge Cloud service protects your data across the public Internet and provides unattributed secure web access through dual IP obfuscation. Silent Edge is for companies that require zero touch security from wherever their users are.

  • Safe Internet Access

  • Quick and Easy Deployment from the cloud or on premises

  • Cloud Servers around the world for maximum obfuscation

Using the Silent Edge Cloud service, a user can access Internet resources without attribution from untrusted regions in the world.

How it works

GoSilent creates a secure “IPSec tunnel”to a Silent Edge Cloud server (which resides in a trusted region). The user’s online activities transmit through this secure connection to a region that is considered more trustworthy, before allowing those requests to hit the open Internet. This removes the possibility of the connection being hijacked in the untrusted region and provides dual IP obfuscation through the use of different ingress and egress IP addresses.

Why SilentEdge?

SilentEdge is Attila’s secure VPN service deployed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Silent Edge VPN servers are government certified for CSfC use and NIAP compliance. As a Silent Edge customer you will benefit from a secure network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. SilentEdge allows customers to scale and innovate without the headaches of trying to secure communications. And because SilentEdge is offered as a monthly subscription, you can purchase the security you need as manageable opex rather than a very large upfront capex.


Silent Edge currently provides cloud servers in

  • Virginia, USA

  • Oregon, USA

  • London, UK

  • Frankfurt, DE

  • Seoul, SK