Secure data at the edge.
GoSilent is a next-generation secure network platform, with a validated Firewall and VPN as its foundation. With plug-and-play functionality, GoSilent can be deployed in minutes to protect an endless number of security use cases.

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Silent Edge

Safe Internet access.
Silent Edge cloud service protects your data across the public Internet and provides unattributed secure web access through dual IP obfuscation. Silent Edge is for companies who require zero touch security from wherever their users are.

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GoSilent Virtual Server

Flexible centralized management.
The GoSilent Virtual Server (GSSv) is easily deployed on premise or in the cloud. GSSv is a purpose-built virtual appliance that provides a high-performance NIAP certified firewall, VPN gateway/server and centralized management for GoSilent Clients. The GSSv provides system administrators with a simple and intuitive web-based console for enterprise policy enforcement and visibility.

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Our Certifications

Attila is currently in the process of certifying its GoSilent and Virtual GoSilent Server against two National Security Agency (NSA) National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) protection profiles. We anticipate our products to be on the “In Evaluation” list in April of 2019, with final approval in late 2019. NIAP oversees evaluations of commercial IT products for use in National Security Systems.

U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile – VPN Gateways. This is defined to be a device at the edge of a private network that terminates an IPSec tunnel, which provides device authentication, confidentiality and integrity of information traversing a public or untrusted network.

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U.S. Government Approved Protection Profile – Stateful Traffic Filter Firewalls. Such products are generally boundary protection devices, implementing security features serve to segregate two distinct networks – a trusted or protected enclave and an untrusted internal or external network such as the Internet.

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