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Attila Security offers a suite of products that work together to make Top Secret level security simple.

Securing data at the edge.

  • If it connects to the Internet, Attila can secure it.

  • Top Secret level protection that fits in your pocket.

  • Easy deployment – through the cloud or on premises

  • Flexible enough to layer into new systems or legacy platforms

Success Stories

Case Studies

Defense Industrial Base (DIB) supply chain cyber attacks are more widespread than ever due to multiple vulnerabilities. Government agencies require complete assurance that all entry points to their networks are fully secured. Meanwhile, supply chain vendors struggle with the quandary of how to ensure robust security without large investment dollars and without compromising daily operations.

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The Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program was launched by the National Security Administration (NSA) and the Central Security Service (CSS) to protect Classified, Secret and Top Secret data by simultaneously implementing two compliant commercial security components in a layered solution. By adopting these agile commercial innovations, the CSfC program saves time and money for Classified programs in all branches of government — from benign aircraft hangars to deployed systems in harsh, insecure environments.  

GoSilent bridges or is the on ramp for mobilizing Top Secret / Classified communications. By dropping GoSilent in the communication stack we enable certified communications for Classified data. 

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In order to remain competitive, enterprises rely heavily on second- and third-tier partners. The amount of data exchanged across the supply chain in all industries has increased exponentially over the past 5 years, and along with it the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats. Cyber attacks can have lasting impact on lost revenue and IP, damage to reputation and comprises to safety. In order to secure their data and people, enterprises need solutions that are easy to operate, simple, small and unobtrusive.

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IoT devices often have weak or nonexistent security or are comprised with firmware and chipsets with a weak security posture. The solution needs to be robust, but also affordable and easily scalable.

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