Obfuscation or data anonymization is useful for individuals, businesses and governments that want to hide their identity yet still work efficiently and share information.  Staying concealed – especially when connecting from untrusted locations – can be challenging. In the field, Internet access is often limited to an unsecured network or through the use of an unsecured wireless IoT device. 

Map of the world showing some Silent Edge cloud server locations. Silent Edge cloud service protects customer data across the public Internet and provides unattributed secure web access through dual IP obfuscation.

Access the Internet Anonymously

Regardless where you work, GoSilent protects your identity from the wider Internet and public. You can retain anonymity and location secrecy when using public WiFi access. GoSilent operates in the background – never interfering with your work.

Select any active Silent Edge cloud server location in the world, and GoSilent creates a secure “IPsec tunnel” layered onto native application encryption. Your private communications and data will remain protected within our VPN tunnel.

More Security Than Network Cloaking

Network cloaking attempts to provide wireless security by hiding the network name from public broadcast. Because the service set identifier (SSID) is transmitted in various ways, network cloaking is not considered a robust security measure. In fact, hiding the SSID broadcast on a router may inadvertently cause constant SSID disclosure by the network interface controller.

Enterprise Communications Protection

The GoSilent Server allows access to networks and resources behind your enterprise’s firewall, while remaining invisible to cyber attack. From end-to-end, communications with your organization’s intranet are protected from exposure and attack. Additionally, the GoSilent Server can arrange secure, anonymous communications with wireless devices to protect sensitive enterprise data assets.

To learn more about how this portable integrated firewall and CNSA approved VPN can protect your enterprise communications, read our product overview and customer use cases.