NIAP Certification And Common Criteria For IT Security Products

The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) was originally created as a partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA). It is now operated by the NSA and is a U.S. government initiative aimed at meeting the security testing needs of both IT consumers and providers.

NIAP serves as the Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) validation body. In this capacity, NIAP is responsible for implementation of the Common Criteria (CC) within the United States and ensuring that IT companies adhere to these strict international standards. NIAP takes a collaborative approach to evaluating and testing IT technology by employing international representatives from related industries, governmental agencies, consumers and academic experts to create international standards for IT products and solutions.

  • Less Expensive

  • More User Friendly

  • Added Flexibility

NIAP certification is important to government agencies, enterprise customers and individual consumers alike, as it means that a manufacturer’s claims for security features and capabilities have been evaluated and confirmed by a neutral third party. In addition, NIAP-certified commercially available products are generally less expensive and more user-friendly than their COMSEC/Type 1 counterparts and also have greater flexibility to integrate with various platforms and systems. Added flexibility is especially important as many organizations utilize multiple Common Criteria certified products together in a layered manner. These multiple layers of encryption provide a greater depth of cyber defense.

Protect Private Data With NIAP-Certified Technology

The Common Criteria is a set of guidelines and specifications for information security products that were established to ensure the products meet the strong security standards designated for consumers, enterprises and government agencies. Attila Security’s GoSilent technology is currently included in the NIAP Products In-Evaluation List for two Common Criteria Protection Profiles.

  1. Stateful Firewall – Stateful layer 7 application firewall offers data packet filtering and is capable of tracking information flow states.
  2. VPN Gateway – IPSec IKEv1 & 1KEv2 with pre-shared keys and Top Secret (TS) level cryptography for the secure transmission of classified data.

Third Party Evaluation And Validation

In order to ensure strict compliance with the specified technology protection profiles, NIAP evaluates products against the rigorous international Common Criteria using accredited third-party laboratories. GoSilent has passed all required testing by Acumen Security, a NIAP-approved laboratory, and is now included on the U.S. NIAP Products In-Evaluation List. A complete list of all NIAP-certified products, products in evaluation and corresponding conformance claims can be found at

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