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GoSilent: Product Overview and Use Cases

Enterprise cybersecurity is only as good as the weakest link. GoSilent provides protection from and visibility into threats that target your network data, information and workforce when operating external to your networks and facilities. While most firewalls are expensive and cumbersome, the GoSilent Client is a pocket-sized device with an integrated firewall, Suite B Top Level Virtual Private Network (VPN), WiFi and cloud analytics solution to secure remote IP devices. In addition, unlike typical NGFW devices that price in the many thousands and are limited to rack-mounted installations, GoSilent is inexpensive and offers flexible deployment options.

Read our customer use cases and learn how they are using GoSilent to:

  • Secure data and intellectual property throughout the supply chain network.
  • Prevent compromised network security associated with video surveillance equipment.
  • Protect personal information and communications when accessing free WiFi and captive portals usage.

Learn more about GoSilent features, architecture and tech specs.