Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite Encryption

The Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA Suite) provides new algorithms for those customers migrating from Suite B algorithms. CNSA Top Secret (TS) level encryption is the same technology used by U.S. government agencies like NSA, DoD and other governing bodies. Previously known as Suite B, military-grade or classified federal government standard, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit end-to-end encryption is the most secure solution in the marketplace. AES-256 is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the NSA to protect information at a classified, top secret level.

Most Secure Encryption Standard

With over 14 rounds of encryption, each 256-bit encryption key scrambles the data and divides into 128-bit blocks. The number of possible keys in the AES 256-bit encryption is 2 to the power 256 (a 78-digit number), making the code virtually impossible to crack by brute force attack. Additionally, with Top Secret level encryption, both the sender and the receiver must know and apply the same secret 256-bit key. The key is never stored  on any server, and only those communicating have access.

Data Privacy Solution

GoSilent utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to protect your private data, and keeps it fully encrypted end-to-end. Data is never stored on an intermediary server. In keeping with Top Secret level encryption standards, there are no extra keys. Attila Security does not record, copy or have access to the encryption codes. This means that your data remains secure, even if compromised.

To learn more about how GoSilent ensures the privacy and security of government agencies and enterprises from a variety of industries, read our product overview and customer use cases.