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Case Study: An Enterprise Secures Its Supply Chain

In order to remain competitive, enterprises rely heavily on second- and third-tier partners. The amount of data exchanged across the supply chain in all industries has increased exponentially over the past 5 years, and along with it the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats. Cyber attacks can have lasting impact on lost revenue and IP, damage to reputation and comprises to safety.

Illustration depicting an enterprise supply chain. Enterprises rely heavily on their supply chain partners and this increases their cyber risk profile.

The Enterprise Secures Its Supply Chain case study is your comprehensive resource for identifying and mitigating threats within your supply chain in order to keep your organization’s data secure.

In this case study you’ll learn about:

  • Supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Common strategies used to overcome the challenge of securing complex supply chains.
  • Important features to consider in a security solution, such as Top Secret (TS) level security, NIAP certification, rapid deployment, zero configuration, cloud security, data traffic filtering, portability, captive portal isolation and IP obfuscation.
  • Identifying a security solution that can be scaled affordably according to the needs of your enterprise.

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