Captive Portal Isolation

Captive portals are systems that require credentials or other PII in exchange for access to the internet. Captive portals are found in airports, malls, libraries, hotels, hospitals, stores, museums, coffee shops etc, and require acceptance of terms and conditions exposing you to infinite vulnerabilities.

GoSilent isolates the captive portal ensuring your device is never compromised. Your identity is never exposed as the connection never reach your device or network.

Captive Portal Security Threat

Organizations use captive portals to collect user data. In most cases, the captive portal will require personal information such as name, email address, social media account or even a credit card number. This personal data is often sold to third parties.

A captive portal is no more secure than a public WiFi network. The captive portal controls and monitors your internet behavior.  Any interception and alteration of an online connection can be an open door to for undesired monitoring, malware or cyber attack.

GoSilent secures the connection to enterprise networks in an IPSec tunnel within the enterprise firewall.

Secure Access

GoSilent utilizes AES 256-bit encryption to protect private user data, keeping it fully encrypted end-to-end.

When a user connects to a WiFi network, GoSilent detects the existence of a captive portal on that WiFi network and automatically redirects the user to the GoSilent captive portal bypass webpage.

The captive portal bypass webpage displays screenshots from an isolated browser in which the user can authenticate with the captive portal. Qualified users are able to access websites that utilize captive portals without risk of a man-in-the-middle attack, malware, tracking cookies and intrusive advertising.

With GoSilent’s captive portal isolation, device connections remain safe and secure, and user data is never stored on an intermediary server.
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