Durham, North Carolina-based Bull City Venture Partners (BCVP) recently invested in Attila Security’s first round of funding, as reported in an article in WRAL TechWire. In the article, BCVP parter David Jones explains the growth potential of the cybersecurity market by pointing to the increased collection, storage and transmission of data by public and private enterprises as well as consumers.


Attila’s GoSilent security solution is an enterprise-grade firewall and VPN that enables employees and third-party vendors to safely and securely access and transmit data, whether it’s on mobile or IoT devices, servers or in the cloud. One of the distinguishing features of GoSilent is the true portability of the device. In the article, Attila Security CEO Gregg Smith explains: “The GoSilent product is smaller than a wallet, and slightly bigger than a tic tac container.”


Attila Security currently has customers in government, as well as in the financial and energy sectors. Learn more about Attila’s products.