The Great Firewall of China and Remote Employees

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China has become a significant power in the global market, as evidenced by the fact that so many everyday items are marked “Made in China”. But China’s ability isn’t limited to simple toys and devices, the country also has advanced manufacturing technology and mature IT capabilities. As a result, many companies from outside of China [...]

An Open Message To CISOs: What Is Your Most Sensitive Call Or Meeting?

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Can you identify your most sensitive call or meeting? It is when your board convenes. Mergers and acquisitions, financial results, product roadmaps, pricing discussions and most key strategic initiatives are discussed either in person or on the phone. Is this an opportunity for a bad actor or a state-sponsored attack to take place…. Absolutely! A [...]

How Secure Is Your Company Video Surveillance Equipment?

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According to a survey conducted by the IHS Markit Video Surveillance Group, some 98 million network surveillance cameras were shipped in 2017 along with almost 30 million HD CCTV (high-definition closed-circuit television) cameras. These impressive numbers are likely no surprise: Video surveillance equipment is everywhere. In parking lots, hospitals, shopping malls, local businesses such as [...]

Balancing Compliance and Governance With Encryption Security

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Security firms sometimes find themselves caught in a tug of war between client security and compliance with government or regulatory agencies. We caught up with Lori Rangel, Attila Security’s Director of Products, to get her take on the current state of affairs. How do you see the current security and compliance landscape? While the goal [...]