The Benefits And Practicalities Of Obfuscation

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Obfuscation is also known as geo-spoofing or anonymization, and it refers to the process of concealing a user’s geographic location. Keeping one’s whereabouts and identity concealed, especially when connecting from untrusted locations, can be challenging. To further complicate matters, in many locations around the world the only available Internet access may be from an unsecure [...]

Is The Supply Chain The New Cyber Abyss?

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We all know that Target lost its CEO along with $164M dollars when a small HVAC contractor that was part of the supply chain was breached, allowing hackers into Target’s network. However, you may not be aware that banks spent over $200M reissuing Target credit cards. And, what about Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers ZTE and [...]

What Makes The GoSilent Product Suite Special

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Since we started Attila Security, a number of people have asked me to explain “What are you’re doing that is so special?”. I smile and enjoy telling them the story. IP-enabled devices are everywhere today, from laptops to video cameras to the industrial controls that manage the power grid, to computing devices and sensors. Our [...]