The Great Firewall of China and Remote Employees

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China has become a significant power in the global market, as evidenced by the fact that so many everyday items are marked “Made in China”. But China’s ability isn’t limited to simple toys and devices, the country also has advanced manufacturing technology and mature IT capabilities. As a result, many companies from outside of China [...]

Why NIAP Certification is Important To Private Sector Companies Too

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When shopping for a cybersecurity solution, organizations often face the dilemma of too many choices. There are several dozen solutions in the marketplace, all of which claim to solve advanced cybersecurity needs. A certification that a particular solution lives up to its marketing can be a huge asset and can help have both time and [...]

Supply Chain Cyber Risks Associated With The Cloud

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Any business that has vendors, partners and/or customers, has a supply chain, and its most sensitive data flows along the entire length of that supply chain. Every link in the supply chain represents a potential vulnerability for a cyber attack. In other words, it's no longer good enough to secure yourself from your enemies, you [...]

FIPS Compliant Is Not The Same As FIPS Certified

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The Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (or FIPS 140-2) is a cryptography standard that non-military U.S. federal agencies, as well as government contractors and service providers, must comply with in order to work with any federal government entities that collect, store, transfer, share and disseminate sensitive but unclassified (SBU) information. The FIPS 140-2 security standard [...]

Public WiFi: A Tradeoff Of Convenience Vs. Security?

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Public WiFi is considered by many to be a convenience and a necessity. WiFi enables people to connect to work, news and family at all times and without incurring the cost of an Internet provider. But what about the security vulnerabilities of public WiFi? We were intrigued with a Lastline report recently shared by TechRerublic. [...]

Addressing The Cyber Threat Of A Mobile Workforce

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A mobile workforce can bring many benefits to an organization: cost savings, access to a more diverse or skilled talent pool and flexibility. However, from an information security standpoint, there are serious risks associated with remote, teleworking mobile employees.   A Growing Issue   The number of mobile workers throughout the world continues to increase [...]

Thwarting The Red Storm

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On the heels of the recently publicized internal review of the U.S. Navy’s cybersecurity, Lou Dobbs of Fox News discussed the current state of U.S. cyber warfare with Congressman Matt Gaetz, Asia expert Goron Chang and cyber security expert Morgan Wright. In a report titled “The Red Storm Has Arrived”, Dobbs stated that China has [...]

Halting The Cyber Siege

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported on an internal review of the U.S. Navy’s cybersecurity. The review began in October 2018 in response to several high-profile hacking incidents, such as a breach reported during June 2018 in which plans for a supersonic anti-ship missile were stolen from a company under contract with the Navy’s Naval [...]

When Can Industry Growth Be Dangerous?

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Industry growth is the end game for many organizations. Opening the doors to new opportunities paves the way for industry expansion and often creates jobs, boosts wages and increases company revenue. But industry growth can become very dangerous when it outpaces available cybersecurity technologies. Australia is an example where growth from technical expansion is outpacing [...]

Financial Sector Supply Chain Risk

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Nearly 40% of all cybersecurity breaches occur in the financial services sector. Cyber attacks range from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, corporate account takeovers (CATO) and hacking via web applications. These attacks can result in significant losses in both revenue and corporate reputations for banks, asset managers, brokerage houses and insurance companies. The data managed in [...]